Color Therapy make impressive debut with ‘Mr. Wolf Is Dead’

Color Therapy‘Mr. Wolf Is Dead’
Color Therapy (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Color Therapy is the nom de plume for a Dallas-based producer/composer/engineer who values his anonymity, despite having already done official remixes for the likes of Mogwai, Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick. Color Therapy makes an impressive debut with instrumental full-length “Mr. Wolf Is Dead.”

Color Therapy CD“It was like a high no drug can induce,” Color Therapy says of composing the 14-track, 48-minute platter. “I found myself making music in order to deal with the things around me I couldn’t control, almost like the creative process was a therapy session. Each song is like a morphine drip.”

He enlists support from some high-profile collaborators on “Mr. Wolf Is Dead,” including The Album Leaf (“Terrarium”), Helios (“Challenger Deep”), Ulrich Schnauss (“Expect Delays”) and Hammock (“Ballad of Lonely Ghosts”). Those joint ventures provide some of the best material on the album, but Color Therapy handles things nicely all by himself on keepers “Drive vs. Fly,” “Screw Eyes,” “The Dusk Mother” and “Moonlight in the Mouth.” If you like electronic music, this is an album worth exploring. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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