Shrouded in mystery, American Wrestlers score with debut album

0003439914_10‘American Wrestlers’
American Wrestlers (Fat Possum)
3.5 stars out of 5

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding American Wrestlers. The anonymity-seeking, lo-fi singer/songwriter hails from Scotland and used to record under another name before relocating to Missouri and putting together the self-titled American Wrestlers debut.

American Wrestlers CD“I like to write real songs that survive all on their own,” he explains. “One human and one instrument. Just the human even. The lo-fi thing was all unintentional. This was me trying my hardest to keep all the different sounds and layers under control.”

The result of his efforts is an enjoyable eight-track release that flirts with greatness on occasion. Lead single “I Can Do No Wrong” and set opener “There’s No One Crying Over Me Either” are the highlights of the 42-minute slab, but American Wrestles also score with “Holy,” “The Rest of You” and “Cheapshot.” Anonymous or not, I’ll be looking forward to more music from American Wrestlers. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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