Inventions take listeners through ‘Maze of Woods’ on new LP

Inventions‘Maze of Woods’
Inventions (Temporary Residence)
3.5 stars out of 5

Inventions, the musical collaboration between Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper and Explosion in the Sky’s Mark T. Smith has proven to be quite fruitful. The atmospheric platter “Maze of Woods” is the duo’s second full-length in less than a year and the mostly instrumental platter should appeal to those who enjoyed last year’s self-titled offering.

Inventions CDI am always a bit skeptical when it comes to experimental and/or instrumental rock, but there’s no doubt that Cooper and Smith are very good at what they do. That said, I found my attention wandering in places throughout the eight-track, 40-minute slab despite the fact that Inventions keep things fairly concise.

The best tracks on “Maze of Woods” bookend the album, with “Escapers” and the haunting “Feeling the Sun Thru the Earth at Night” the ones you’ll likely remember. Additional standouts include “Springworlds,” “Slow Breathing Circuit” and “A Wind From All Directions.” While certainly not for all tastes, Inventions’ latest effort is worthy of a spin or two. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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