Liz Longley scores with self-titled fourth full-length album

Liz Longley‘Liz Longley’
Liz Longley (Sugar Hill)
4 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Liz Longley has been making albums for almost 10 years — this self-titled gem is the Berklee College of Music graduate’s fourth full-length — but I confess I was unfamiliar with her work until now. After repeated spins of the deeply personal platter, I consider myself a fan.

Liz Longley CD“Every time I get into these songs they resonate with me, lock with me, because they’re based on something I went through,” Longley explains. “I hope they connect with people and that they’ll help with whatever they’ve gone through. That’s what music does for me, and I hope I can do that for someone else.”

Longley shines throughout the country-leaning platter with nary a misstep on the 11-track release. She’s especially effective on “Outta My Head,” “Skin & Bones,” “You’ve Got That Way,” personal favorite “Peace of Mind,” “This Is Not the End” and “Camaro.” I’m happy to say Liz Longley is on my radar from here on out … and even happier to report that she’ll be performing at Pittsburgh’s Club Café ( on Sunday, March 29. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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