Kaki King delivers thought-provoking gem of a new album in ‘The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body’

Kaki King‘The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body’
Kaki King (Short Stuff)
4 stars out of 5

Kaki King is an artist that perhaps doesn’t get proper accolades because she does things above a lot of people’s heads. Primarily an instrumental musician, King’s guitar work is on warrior level, and her musical visions go above and beyond the visions of so many others.

Kaki King CDSpeaking of which, King has been working on a visual aspect to her live shows, and her great new record “The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body” helps her get closer to that goal. As stunning musically as it can be visually in your head, King does an excellent job creating a breathtaking soundtrack to her bigger picture.

The tracks are wonderfully poetic and brilliantly strung together, from opening salvos “In the Beginning” and “Thoughts Are Born,” to the ’70s horns-flourished “Anthropomorph,” to the great dual tracks “Trying to Speak” I and II, featuring string quartet Ethel. King’s music always is a revelation, and this might be her most thought-provoking yet. (Brian Krasman)


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