Brad Reiman shines on ‘Walking in the Unknown’ short-player

Brad Reiman‘Walking in the Unknown’
Brad Reiman (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

There’s a spirit of adventurousness in Iowa-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Brad Reiman, along with an indomitable spirit that has helped him overcome obstacles that might derail other musicians. An illness cost him the ability to hear out of his left ear, but Reiman has continued to move forward with his craft.

Brad Reiman CDDebut EP “Walking in the Unknown” is an enjoyable gathering of pop/rock tunes that showcase Reiman’s abilities as a singer, guitarist and piano player. Chock full of toe-tapping melodies, the six-track platter figures to leave you with a smile on your face.

The opening tandem of “A Vacation From My Mind” and “It’s Always Been You” set the tone for what’s to come and Reiman also scores with “Another Day” and “Whatever Happened to Tomorrow.” Remaining tunes “People Everywhere” and “On a Rainy Day in June,” while not out-and-out misfires, aren’t quite as impressive. All in all, there’s enough good here to have me anxious to hear more from Reiman. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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