The Bullhounds serve up high-octane debut in ‘Protector’

The Bullhounds‘Protector’
The Bullhounds (Rock Bastard)
3.5 stars out of 5

Danish entrepreneur/music aficionado had a clear-cut vision when cobbling together a lineup of first-rate musicians to form The Bullhounds. He wanted an undiluted rock & roll sound and found kindred spirits in guitarists Peter Stroud and Rick Richards, bassist Keith Christopher and drummer Mauro Magellan.

The Bullhounds CD“It was central for us to make something pure,” Daell says of the band’s “Protector” debut album. “Today, music is so overproduced that you cannot feel the life and the nerve. Above all, life and nerve is what rocj & roll is about.”

Release in Europe last year, “Protector” is now available in the United States. It’s a high-octane gathering of 12 tunes that mind frontman Daell & Co. strutting their stuff throughout. The one-two opening punch of “Fugitive” and “Make It” get the party started and The Bullhounds later score with “Mean Mean Girl,” “Born With Nothin’,” “If You Got No One,” “What Makes a Man” and “Drunk, Tired & Mean.” Rock on. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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