Sarah Bethe Nelson makes nice debut in ‘Fast-Moving Clouds’

(Photo by Anthony Hall)

(Photo by Anthony Hall)

‘Fast-Moving Clouds’
Sarah Bethe Nelson (Burger)
3.5 stars out of 5

San Francisco-based musician Sarah Bethe Nelson makes quite the first impression on rock-solid debut album “Fast-Moving Clouds.” The songs that make up the album chronicle an emotional journey to heartbreak and back and announce Nelson as a true observer of the human condition.

Sarah Bethe Nelson CD“Fast-Moving Clouds” was recorded by the awesome Kelley Stoltz and he and Nelson share a chemistry that elevates the record to another level. Nelson’s voice, while not classically beautiful, works very well with her songs of heartbreak — most notably terrific breakup tune “Paying,” the best song of the bunch.

Additionally, Nelson scores with “Impossible Love,” “Black Telephone,” the title track, “Every Other Sunday” and “We’re Not Dead.” Keep you eye on this up-and-coming performer. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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