Singer/songwriter Tomas Pagan Motta shines on self-titled release

Tomas Pagan Motta‘Tomas Pagan Motta’
Tomas Pagan Motta (8 Gang Switch)
3.5 stars out of 5

Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter Tomas Pagan Motta released his first two albums under The Petticoat Tearoom moniker and has attached his given name to his latest release. The eight-track, 28-minute slab is an intimate affair that finds Motta searching for purpose in a world grown increasingly complex.

Tomas Pagan Motta CD“My life is a straw in a hurricane of leaves, yet I’m compelled to express anyway for some reason and I’ll endure to do so,” Motta says. “To endure is divine, isn’t it? The songs morph and move and change, like all of us. So it’s just a feeling, a movement captured.”

There a nice folksy vibe running throughout the album, with Motta especially effective on standout cuts “Up and Away,” “I Don’t Care,” “It’s Tough Letting Go,” “Love in Her Lies” and “Nobody Knows.” Here’s hoping the new album helps raise Motta’s profile. These songs deserve to be heard. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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