Kate Pierson steps out on her own for ‘Guitars & Microphones’

(Photo by Monica Coleman)

(Photo by Monica Coleman)

‘Guitars & Microphones’
Kate Pierson (Lazy Meadows/Kobalt)
4 stars out of 5

Though she’s spent almost 40 years as a founding member of alternative rock outfit The B-52’s, I refuse to accept the fact that Kate Pierson will celebrate her 67th (!) birthday next month. She neither looks nor sounds like someone closing in on 70 years of age, a evidenced by the enjoyable “Guitars & Microphones.”

8_PAGE_SPREAD.inddAlmost as surprising is the fact that the 10-track “Guitars and Microphones” marks her solo debut. You’d think Pierson and that distinctively lovely voice would have made a record of her own at SOME point over the past four decades, right? Nope. Not till now.

The pop-tastic record proves worth the wait, as Pierson sounds as good as ever throughout the 37-minute set. From infectious opener “Throw Down the Roses” to the classic B-52’s sound of the title track, Pierson hits pretty much every note. Additional keepers include “Crush Me With Your Love,” “Bring Your Arms” (co-written by Sia), “Matrix” and “Time Wave Zero.” Take this one out for a spin, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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