Ryan Link tries to move from Broadway to alt-country on his ‘Reverberations’ debut EP

Ryan Link‘Reverberations’
Ryan Link (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

Ryan Link is a known commodity on the Broadway scene with parts in “Rent,” “Hair” and “Once,” and has dabbled in television on daytime soaps (“As the World Turns,” “One Life to Live”) and a one-off on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Now he’s trying to establish himself in the world of alternative country music with the release of debut EP “Reverberations.”

Ryan Link CDIt’s a good-but-not-quite-great gathering of four tunes that, while enjoyable, aren’t especially memorable. Lead track (and first single) “Under the Rug” is the clear-cut highlight of the 17-minute short-platter, with Link also scoring on “Not Going Anywhere” and “Maladjusted.” Far less effective is the title track, a somewhat abrasive tune that overstays its welcome by half.

There’s no question that Link has a nice singing voice and real stage presence. I’m cautiously optimistic about his chances at mainstream musical acclaim. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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