Purity Ring take a step back on sophomore set ‘Another Eternity’

Purity Ring‘Another Eternity’
Purity Ring (4AD)
3 stars out of 5

Purity Ring’s unreal debut record “Shrines” was one of the most noteworthy of 2012, a mix of ghostly beats, alien melodies, and mysterious singing shrouded in ambiguity. It was my favorite album of that year, and it still resonates today. That’s a major reason I couldn’t wait for their second album “Another Eternity” to take me on another ride into the darkness.

Purity Ring coverUnfortunately, when I took that adventure with these 10 new songs, I came back disappointed. The fog has been lifted, the strangeness has washed away, and the music feels too streamlined. It’s probably going to appeal to more listeners, who couldn’t digest “Shrines” properly, but it leaves me unfulfilled.

Megan James still has an alluring voice, and the band does find some magic on “begin again,” which has a mesmerizing chorus, and “repetition,” where James points, “Watching me is like watching the fire take your eyes from you.” There just isn’t enough on the rest of the record to match the intensity of their debut. It feels like a step backward. (Brian Krasman)


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