British up-and-comers Doe score with ‘First Four’ debut full-length

Doe‘First Four’
Doe (Old Flame)
3.5 stars out of 5

Doe, an up-and-coming indie punk trio comprised of Nicola Leel (vocals/guitar), Matt Sykes (guitar) and Jake Popyura (drums), came together in 2013 over a shared love of iconic outfits like Sleater-Kinney, The Breeders and Weezer. The London-based band wasted little time recording a handful of singles and EPs and the underground buzz soon began to grow.

Doe CDFor debut full-length “First Four,” Doe combined all their previously released music into a single 13-track release. It’s a high-energy gathering of tunes that showcase all the promising things this young band has to offer. Doe are playing their first U.S. shows this week in New York and New Jersey and hopefully future American tours will include Pittsburgh.

“First Four” gets off to a so-so start with “Let Me In” before kicking into high gear with killer cut “Late Bloomer.” Additional standouts from Doe include “Nowhere Girl,” “Work in Progress,” “Swings and Roundabouts,” “Broken Souvenirs” and “Julia Survived.” I can’t wait to hear more from this talented young three-piece. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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