JJ Grey & Mofro continue their winning ways with ‘Ol’ Glory’

JJ Grey‘Ol’ Glory’
JJ Grey & Mofro (Provogue)
4 stars out of 5

I fell for the Southern-fried blues/rock of JJ Grey & Mofro the first time I heard their 2007 “Country Ghetto” debut and my admiration for the Florida band has grown steadily over the course of five studio efforts and one live album. They’ve yet to serve up a bad platter — for my money 2010’s “Georgia Warhorse” edges “Country Ghetto” for best in show — and continue their winning ways on “Ol’ Glory.”

JJ Grey CD“I wanted that crucial, lived-in feel,” Grey says of the 12-track “Ol’ Glory.” “I like an album to have a balance, like a novel or like a film. A triumph, a dark brooding moment, or a moment of peace — that’s the only thing I consistently try to achieve with a record.”

Mission accomplished. Grey & Mofro are on top of their game throughout, soaring to impressive heights on “Everything Is a Song,” “Turn Loose,” “Brave Lil’ Fighter” and the sprawling title track. Ballads like “The Island” and “Light a Candle” provide the perfect balance. Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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