Scottish rockers Texas celebrate milestone with ‘Texas 25’ release

Texas‘Texas 25’
Texas (PIAS)
3.5 stars out of 5

Scottish pop/rock collective Texas have spent a quarter century churning out hit records in the United Kingdom and Europe, though they’ve never really made a dent on our shores. Their blue-eyed soul sound has been credited for paving the way for artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele, and they figure to capitalize on that with latest album “Texas 25.”

Texas CDIt’s an interesting 12-track release featuring four new songs and eight Truth & Soul reworkings of the band’s greatest hits. Sadly, my favorite tune from the Sharleen Spiteri-fronted outfit, “I’ll See It Through” from the “Love Actually” soundtrack, is nowhere to be found. That’s a minor quibble about an otherwise rock-solid offering.

The new tunes are surprisingly strong, with Texas soaring on “Start a Family,” personal favorite “Supafly Boy,” “Say Goodbye” and “Are You Ready.” The soulful re-recordings of keepers “Say What You Want,” “Inner Smile” and “When We Are Together” will leave you wondering, like me, why exactly Texas never caught on in the United States. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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