Murder By Death score again with seventh album ‘Big Dark Love’

MBD‘Big Dark Love’
Murder By Death (Bloodshot)
3.5 stars out of 5

Hard to believe it’s been 15 years now that Murder By Death have been making folk and country-laced rock songs that center on murder, the devil, love, and loss. And they’ve yet to slow down as they’ve now dropped their seventh record “Big Dark Love” in our laps.”

MBD coverWhile the new album certainly holds the MBD tenets in place, these 10 songs are a little different sounding. They’re shorter, a little more psychedelic, and hit right at the heart of the issue. Opener “I Shot an Arrow” has vocalist Adam Turla howling, “Get me out of here,” as the music feels sweeping and ’70s-inspired, with Sarah Balliet’s cello adding texture.

The title cut feels a little Pink Floyd-flushed, especially the ending when it feels like it soars into space; “Solitary One” is strong and boisterous, with horns blowing in over
the chorus; “Last Thing” is sad and vulnerable, with Turla admitting, “I don’t want to be a chore, some wounded bird to care for,” amid a bed of plucked banjo; and “It Will Never Die” that feels like a Smiths song given a noiry finish. Another strong effort from a really great band. (Brian Krasman)

Murder By Death play Mr. Smalls Tuesday, Feb. 24, at 8:30 p.m. O’Death open the show. Tickets are $15. Go to


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