Cafeine poised to win over U.S. audiences with ‘New Love’

Cafeine‘New Love’
Cafeine (Indica)
4 stars out of 5

Already a fixture on the underground scene in his native Montreal, French Canadian  musician Xavier Cafeine seems poised to expand his fan base with the U.S. release of latest album “New Love.” With an intoxicating blend of punk, garage rock and keyboard-fueled pop, Cafeine impress at every turn.

CAFEINE_NEWLOVE_COVER-2400x2400“I really want to push my musical boundaries, explore a wider spectrum, return to what I love about writing and recording,” Cafeine explains. “We often try to define music into styles and categories. My music has been described as garage, glam, punk and pop. Whatever. I always find that a bit simplistic. I am a musician first and foremost.”

He comes out of the gate firing with the stellar title track and dynamite lead single “Electric,” and later impresses with French-language gem “Leetre D’amour,” “Love Disease,” “Love Is a Riot” and the set-closing cover of The Gun Club’s “Sex Beat.” Here’s hoping “New Love” brings Cafeine the American acclaim that his music merits. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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