Veteran rockers The Mavericks shine on latest release ‘Mono’

The Mavericks‘Mono’
The Mavericks (The Valory Music Co.)
4 stars out of 5

The Mavericks made a triumphant return in 2013 with delicious reunion album “In Time,” showing that their signature blend of country, rock, Tex-Mex and Latin melodies remains very much in demand. The Raul Malo-fronted four-piece first emerged in the 1990s and not even a 10-year gap between albums could cool their sizzling sound.

The Mavericks CDThe guys are still on top of their game with latest release “Mono,” a dynamic 12-track release that doesn’t rely on studio trickery. Recorded in mono, it puts all the focus on the songwriting and instrumentation and the results are spectacular.

“The experience of making this record was quite unique,” guitarist Eddie Perez says. “We had the luxury of a very finely tuned band and the energy from the last two years of touring under our belts. We all believed that it was going to be special and I think we would all agree that ‘Mono” best represents what our band does live.”

There isn’t a band song to be found on the 42-minute platter, but The Mavericks shine brightest on “All Night Long,” “What Am I Supposed to Do,” “Stories We Could Tell,” “Let It Rain (On Me),” personal favorite “(Waiting for) The World to End” and “Nitty Gritty.” They’ll be returning to the Pittsburgh area for an April 25 gig at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead. Don’t miss it. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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