Lo-fi outfit Guts Club gear up for ‘The Arm Wrestling Tournament’

Guts Club‘The Arm Wrestling Tournament’
Guts Club (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Former child beauty queen Lindsey Baker is the woman behind Guts Club, a lo-fi musical project that came about in rather unusual fashion. Baker initially started the project as a series of music videos. The songs in the videos soon became the focus and ultimately Baker turned the series into an album.

Guts Club CD“The Arm Wrestling Tournament” is filled with dark subject matter, with tunes about keeping a significant other in the trunk of Baker’s car and drowning loved ones. That makes the 10-track, 42-minute slab a challenging listen at times, but one that’s worth the investment.

Among the highlights are “Trunkie,” “Weird Boat,” “Bumps on the Back of My Arms,” “Many People Are Dead” and set closer “All of the Babies.” I doubt there’s much chance of Guts Club going mainstream, but adventurous listeners should enjoy taking part in “The Arm Wrestling Tournament.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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