William Ryan Fritch delivers mellow gem in ‘Revisionist’ LP

William Ryan Fritch‘Revisionist’
William Ryan Fitch (Lost Tribe Sound)
3.5 stars out of 5

It took me a few spins to warm to “Revisionist,” the latest effort from indie composer William Ryan Fritch. The 10-track release is almost oppressively mellow at times, with Fritch’s delicate tenor anchoring the proceedings throughout.

William Ryan Fritch CD“The record explores the psychology of revisionism,” Fritch explains. “How we forget evil, distort it, skim past it, papering over those aspects of history we find uncomfortable.”

An experimental artist with a handful of albums to his credit, the multi-instrumentalist Fritch usually handles all aspects of the recording process himself. This time around he collaborated with the likes of Benoit Pioulard (“Winds”), Origamibiro (“Unholy Frames”), D.M. Stith (“Gloaming Light”) and Esme Patterson (“Still”) on some of the album’s more effective tracks. Additional tunes worthy of attention are “In Denial” and “Imposters.”

Even though I’m pretty sure “Revisionist” won’t be everyone’s musical cup of tea, patient listeners figure to be rewarded. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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