Suz Slezak crafts lullaby collection into ‘Watching the Nighttime Come’

Suz Slezak‘Watching the Nighttime Come’
Suz Slezak (Mark of the Leopard)
3.5 stars out of 5

Husband-and-wife tandem David Wax and Suz Slezak make beautiful music together in indie-folk outfit The David Wax Museum. Now Slezak is taking her turn in the spotlight as a solo performer with the lovely lullaby album “Watching the Nighttime Come.”

Suz Slezak CDThe album grew out of a collection of lullabies that Slezak recorded for friends who were pregnant and really kicked into gear when she found out that she and Wax were expecting.

“Being pregnant was one of the reasons I finally hunkered down and made this happen,” Slezak told kids music website Zooglobble. “I think becoming a mother also puts a new spin on the significance of making music, especially recordings. I love that my daughter and maybe even her children and grandchildren will be able to listen to them one day and imagine me singing to them.”

“Watching the Nighttime Come” is a nice mix of originals, covers and cultural gems that play out over the course of 30 enjoyable minutes. Slezak shines brightest on the title track, “Lather Winged Bat,” instrumental gem “Jessie’s Waltz,” 16th century composition “Talis Canon,” Mexican lullaby “Caballito Blanco” and a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hey, That’s Not the Way to Say Goodbye.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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