Martin Sexton crafts a winner in ‘Mixtape of the Open Road’

Martin Sexton‘Mixtape of the Open Road’
Martin Sexton (KTR/Redeye)
4 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Martin Sexton has been a fixture on the indie folk scene for almost a quarter century yet still hasn’t gotten the mainstream, acclaim that he and his music so richly deserve. An award-winning songwriter and blessed with a voice that makes you sit up and take notice, the 48-year-old Sexton is in fine form on latest effort “Mixtape of the Open Road.”

Martin Sexton CDIt’s his first full-length album since 2010’s excellent “Sugarcoating” and finds Sexton exploring a variety of musical styles … just as the title suggests.

“I’ve taken comfort and inspiration from mixtapes friends made for me,” Sexton explains. “You know, like that soundtrack that you crossed the country to after graduation or that music that got you through a broken heart. I wanted to make a record in this fashion with each song musically different from the next.”

Sexton achieves his goal — and then some — on “Mixtape of the Open Road.” The opening tandem of “Do It daily” and “You (My Mind Is Woo)” get things off to a terrific start, and he also soars on “Set In Stone,” “Remember That Ride,” “Doin’ Something Right” and “Virginia.” If you’ve yet to discover this remarkable artists, now’s your chance. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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