Howardian (Ian Vanek) go solo with ‘Land of the Low Tides’ LP

Howardian‘Land of the Low Tides’
Howardian (BUFU)
3 stars out of 5

Best known as one half of stellar art-punk duo Japanther, whose “Instant Money Magic” was one of last year’s under-the-radar gems, Ian Vanek has been making solo music under the Howardian moniker for years and at long last unveils his debut album, “Land of the Low Tides.”

Howardian CDThe 11-track, 30-minute slab takes some time to grow on you with its distortion-heavy garage rock tunes, but patient listeners just might uncover a few nuggets along the way. Unlike Big Apple-based Japanther, Howardian aims for a Pacific Northwest vibe native to Vanek’s home state of Washington.

Opener “Be Fruitful” is the best of the bunch, and Howardian also score with “Dog Food for Dinner,” “Marble Meshes,” “New Leans on Old Loans” and “Shift keys.” Less effective are “Dahl,” “Chunking” and “Video Radio,” but the good outweighs the bad on “Land of the Low Tides.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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