Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle scores with new solo effort ‘So Let’s Go’

Alan Doyle‘So Let’s Go’
Alan Doyle (Universal Music Canada)
3.5 stars out of 5

Celtic rockers Great Big Sea have been churning out albums for almost a quarter century, earning the Canadian outfit plenty of well-deserved acclaim. Lead singer Alan Doyle finds time every so often to record a solo album and he’s back at it again with “So Let’s Go.”

Alan Doyle CDThere isn’t much difference between Doyle as a solo performer and Doyle as frontman for Great Big Sea, as his distinctive vocals and acoustic instrumentation will sound instantly familiar to anyone who knows the band. Still, Doyle gets to work with musicians other than GBS pals Bob Hallett and Sean McCann (who left the band in 2013 to address his alcohol problems) and I’m sure that provides a different musical perspective for him.

“So Let’s Go” is a solid album, with Doyle most effective on the title track, “I Can’t Dance Without You,” “Laying Down to Perish,” “1, 2, 3, 4” and “Sins of Saturday Night.” The future of Great Big Sea is up in the air, but Doyle seems intent on carrying on. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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