Minnesota rappers Doomtree impress with ‘All Hands’

Doomtree‘All Hands’
Doomtree (Doomtree)
3.5 stars out of 5

Minneapolis underground rap collective Doomtree have seen members Sims, Lazerbeak, Dessa, Cecil Otter and P.O.S. go on to varying levels of success on their own, but they’re never better than when spitting their rhymes together. “All Hands” is Doomtree’s first album since 2011’s underwhelming “No Kings” and finds the gang in fine form.

Doomtree CDWith five emcees sharing the microphone, Doomtree are very much a collaborative band and their chemistry is evident throughout the 13-track slab. To write “All Hands,” Doomtree sequestered themselves in a cabin with no cellular reception so they could work uninterrupted and that unity of purpose serves them well.

The one-two opening punch of “Final Boss” and “My Own Nation” set the tone for “All Hands,” and Doomtree also sizzle on “Heavy Rescue,” “80 on 80,” “Mini Brute,” “Beast Face,” “Off in the Deep” and “Marathon.” At more than 57 minutes, the album overstays its welcome by about a quarter, but there’s a lot of good stuff for you to enjoy along the way. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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