‘All These Dreams’ finds Andrew Combs building on his strengths

(Photo by Melissa Madison Fuller)

(Photo by Melissa Madison Fuller)

‘All These Dreams’
Andrew Combs (Loose Music)
3.5 stars out of 5

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Andrew Combs seems poised to take the next step up the career ladder with the release of sophomore album “All These Dreams.” With an ear-pleasing blend of pop and country, Combs builds on the strengths of his 2012 “Worried Man” debut.

Andrew Combs CD“I feel like this record has a much different thread that ties the songs together than ‘Worried Man,’ which was more raw and bare-bones,” Combs explains. “‘All These Dreams’ explores more complex arrangements, lyrics and musical tones. Roy Orbison and Paul Simon were definite different influences.”

Opener ‘Rainy Day Song” is the best of the bunch, but Combs also scores with “Strange Bird,” “Long Gone Lately,” “In the Name of You,” “Slow Road to Jesus” and “Suwannee County.” If Combs, who will be featured later this year in the documentary “Heartworn Highways Revisited,” continues to evolve and mature as a songwriter and performer, the sky’s the limit. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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