The Grannies’ gimmick wears thin on new ‘Ballsier’ releases

The Grannies‘Ballsier’
The Grannies (Saustex)
2.5 stars out of 5

Cross-dressing garage rockers The Grannies are the very definition of a gimmick band. The quintet has been cranking out albums for more than a decade … but still haven’t built much of a national following.

The Grannies CDTo date the most memorable thing about The Grannies is the stage names they’ve adopted. There’s lead vocalist Wizard Sleeves, guitarists Carmen DeNominator and Anita Drink, bassist Jayne Fondle and drummer Helena Handbasket.

Their garage/punk sound is serviceable, if not spectacular, and the guys pull out all the stops for latest album “Ballsier.” It’s the follow-up to 2011’s cleverly titled “For Those About to Forget to Rock” and is filled with high-octane tunes and speedy guitar riffs. Opener “Wade in Bloody Water” has some life, as do “Trouble Hurricane” and “Soviet,” but The Grannies seem to tucker out over the course of 42 minutes. A little of these guys goes a long, long way. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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