Amen Dunes continue winning ways with ‘Cowboy Worship’ EP

Amen Dunes‘Cowboy Worship’
Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones)
3.5 stars out of 5

Philadelphia native Damon McMahon is the creative mastermind behind Amen Dunes and he impressed greatly last May with the release of third full-length “Love.” That record was painstakingly put together in the studio over the course of 18 months and McMahon serves up a delicious companion piece to “Love” in latest EP “Cowboy Worship.”

Amen Dunes CDThe six-track release includes alternate versions of some of the best Amen Dunes tunes, plus a heartfelt cover of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren.” The mellow alternate version of “I Know Myself” is the highlight of “Cowboy Worship,” though Amern Dunes also score with “I Can’t Dig It,” a rollicking reading of “Green Eyes” and a full-band performance of “Lezzy Head,” which appeared on 2001 all “Through Donkey Jaw.” This one should tide folks over until McMahon is ready to hit the studio again. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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