Daniel Knox makes great strides on ambitious self-titled 3rd album

Daniel Knox‘Daniel Knox’
Daniel Knox (Carrot Top)
4 stars out of 5

Bearded composer/songwriter Daniel Knox may not be a household name, but he opened some eyes with the release of his first two albums (2007’s “Disaster” and 2011’s “Evryman for Himself”). His self-titled third full-length is Knox’s most ambitious — and accessible — work to date, with his rich baritone surrounded by brass, woodwinds, strings, synthesizers and a choir.

Daniel Knox CD“Everything that came out of (my collaboration with photographer John Atwood), and the work that followed, seems rooted thematically in the past,” Knox says of the 10 original tunes inspired by memories of his childhood hometown of Springfield, Ill. “But the structures and arrangements felt like something new that had been there all along — like finding a hidden room in the house you grew up in.”

Knox gets the album to a first-rate start with “Blue Car” and later delivers the goods on “By the Venture,” “Incident at White Hen,” “High Pointe Drive” and “David Carmichael.” Here’s hoping this album gives Knox the broader fan base that his music deserves. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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