Blue and Gold get ‘In My Head’ (and yours) with stellar debut LP

Blue & Gold‘In My Head’
Blue and Gold (Byrdhouse)
4 stars out of 5

Please trust me when I tell you that New York City-based rockers Blue and Gold need to be on your radar. Like immediately. The quartet’s “In My Head” debut is one of the better first efforts in recent memory and figures to remain in heavy rotation on my iPod the remainder of 2015. With their blistering guitars, teeth-rattling drums and perfectly executed boy-girl vocals, Blue and Gold are a band on the rise.

Blue & Gold CDSinger/guitarists/co-founders Alex Kapelman and Chloe Raynes joined forces in a covers band in college, while the first-rate rhythm section of the boy-girl-boy-girl outfit, bassist Derek Cabrera and drummer GG Gonzalez, have been playing music together since high school. The chemistry the foursome has formed in such a short time — Blue and Gold formed in 2013 — is palpable and bodes well for the future.

“I love the way the four of us make music together,” Kapelman says. “It’s raw and dirty and every piece fits together perfectly.”

The band comes out of the gate swinging with the terrific title track and raise the bar even higher with keepers “I Will Not Wait,” “Bowery Ball and Chain,” personal favorite “Tommy Gun,” “Make You My Baby,” “Soho” and closer “Don’t Let Me Be.” Keep an eye on Blue and Gold. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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