The Blank Tapes glorify marijuana on ‘Geodesic Dome Piece’ LP

The Blank Tapes‘Geodesic Dome Piece’
The Blank Tapes (Royal Oakie Tapes & Records)
3.5 stars out of 5

Matt Adams, the guiding creative force behind California psychedelic rockers The Blank Tapes is a lot of things … but subtle ain’t one of them. Latest full-length “Geodesic Dome Piece” is awash in drug references — most notably marijuana — and chock full of jangly guitars and fuzzy melodies.

The Blank Tapes CDAvailable on vinyl and cassette tape, the 12-track release ranks among the best work of his career. Songs like “Way Too Stoned,” “420” and “Do You Wanna Get High” are the most overt odes to the emerald herb, but even the non-stoners out there should be able to get a kick out of this first-rate album.

The Blank Tapes also score with keepers “Oh My My,” “So High,” “Slippin’ Slide” and set closer “To Your Dome Piece.” This celebration of cannabis isn’t quite on par with 2013’s sublime “Vacation” release, but “Geodesic Dome Piece” is a worthy addition to Adams’ resume. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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