Bo Ningen/Savages team up for live gem ‘Words to the Blind’

Savages Bo Ningen‘Words to the Blind’
Bo Ningen/Savages (Stolen/Pop Noire)
4 stars out of 5

Brit post-punk rockers Savages and Japanese outfit Bo Ningen have made a practice of setting up shop and basically doing sonic battle with one another. That is captured on “Words to the Blind,” a 37-minute display recorded live in England in May 2013 that is one hell of a dynamic tug of war.

Savages Bo Ningen coverYou’ll hang on the edge of your seat for the duration of this one, as the track gets off to an experimental start with noises swirling, bass stabbing, and wordless harmonies hanging in the air. Later on, commanding Savages vocalist Jehnny Beth emerges and takes over the proceedings, but everything ends on a boil of sound and destruction with visions of post-Apocalypse the only thing left. This is one hell of a performance, one I only can imagine how it must have felt live. (Brian Krasman)


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