Mamiffer continue to impress on third release ‘Statu Nascendi’

Mamiffer‘Statu Nascendi’
Mamiffer (Sige)
4 stars out of 5

Mamiffer is one of the most interesting projects in music. They’re covered on metal sites, but they’re really not a metal band. Their music can find favor among those who want something relaxing and can help them do some quality dreaming. They even can be great to hear while reading or trying to tackle a large, tedious work project. Their possibilities know no bounds, and that continues on their excellent third record “Statu Nascendi.”

12" Glued SleeveRecorded by wife-husband team Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, these four tracks practically take you by the hand and lead you into misty woodlands. The 16-minute “Enantiodromia” is the centerpiece of the record, bathing you in liturgical sounds, guitar gaze, drone, and angelic vocals, making for one great opus. Around that are other
worthy cuts “Caelestis Partus,” a track that balances noise and delicacy, as well as arresting closer “Flower of the Field.” This is the soundtrack to your next adventurous dream. (Brian Krasman)


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