Siblings 2:54 serve up more mesmerizing rock on ‘The Other I’

254 band‘The Other I’
2:54 (Bella Union)
3 stars out of 5

Sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow have a knack for atmospheric, mesmerizing rock, which they first unfurled on their self-titled debut in 2012 and now push into their second opus “The Other I,” a title inspired by poet Percy Shelley.

254 coverOn these charged up, sometime foggy, always emotional 11 cuts, the band treads the same waters as bands such as the XX, Warpaint, and Young Galaxy, lathering their work in darkness and moodiness, peaking on catchy yet trippy “Blindfold”; pulled-back, shadowy “No Better Prize”; slow and liquidy “South”; and “The Menace,” where the bouncy tempos don’t prepare you for lines such as, “The ground beneath my feet is swallowing me whole.”  (Brian Krasman)


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