Comedienne Cameron Esposito shines on ‘Same Sex Symbol’

Cameron-Esposito‘Same Sex Symbol’
Cameron Esposito (Kill Rock Stars)
4 stars out of 5

Comedian Cameron Esposito is a lesbian. She thinks you should know this from her hairstyle, and she laughs at you if you wonder why she can’t conceive of the idea of wanting to be with a man. Through her new live album “Same Sex Symbol,” she does what, in 2014, shouldn’t even be necessary: normalizing lesbian and gay relationships and LGBT lifestyles. She does so riotously, with her sometimes squeaky voice that might grate some, but it endears her to people like me.

CameronThrough her 18-track, hour-long set that was taped in Portland, Ore., Esposito covers plenty of topics such as explaining to straight men why she has zero interest in what’s in their pants (often to their utter disbelief); a story about a three-way proposition from a stoned-out skater dude; an ill-fated trip to a strip club; and a tremendous “do and don’t” list about lesbian pornography.

She also offers encouragement and strength to others in the LGBT community and ends her set with a hilarious story about a mix-up while she was working on a party planning committee. Go out of your way to hear this, especially if you’re one of the ones who still have issues with our gay brothers and sisters.  (Brian Krasman)


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