Black Spirituals explore myriad of sounds on ‘Deconstruction’

Black Spirituals band‘Deconstruction’
Black Spirituals (Sige)
3.5 stars out of 5

What constitutes music? Some people are stuck to a rigid verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. Some demand sensibility, catchiness, and melody. None of those people are wrong, because music means different things to different people. This is a precursor to the
new collection by Black Spirituals, a rambling, noisy, free-form project that’s sure to perplex a great many.

Black SpiritualsThe three tracks on “Deconstruction” take some patience and understanding, and they’re perfect for mental decompression and reaching out psychologically. These songs are packed with oppressive noise, static drone, drums that often sprawl in and break up the scene entirely, guitars spitting energy, windy wooshes, you name it. This record won’t resonate with just anyone, but those who get it will spend the duration of this music with a knowing, satisfied nod. (Brian Krasman)


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