The Grape and The Grain sizzle on gritty self-titled debut album

Grape‘The Grape and The Grain’
The Grape and The Grain (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Blues-tinged hard rock is alive and well thanks to the efforts of New York-based five-piece The Grape and The Grain, who make quite a splash with their blistering self-titled debut full-length. Initially a solo project for guitarist Daniel Grimsland, the band has blossomed into hard-driving quintet whose star very definitely is on the rise.

Grape CD“We all are writers and multi-instrumentalists,” Grimsland explains. “Having grown up together, we have a pretty good understanding of where each of us is trying to go musically, and all that makes for a very easy, open and inviting writing process.”

It’s an album that should appeal to fans of bands like Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age, as The Grape and The Grain stomp their way through 10 consistently strong tunes. While you won’t find a clunker in the bunch, Grimsland & Co. soar highest on “Burnt By the Sun,” “Twitch,” “Shoot You Down,” “Nobody Ever Broker Your Heart” and “Ghost.” Rock on, fellas. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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