Little Boots tide fans over with release of ‘Business Pleasure’ EP

LIttle Boots‘Business Pleasure’
Little Boots (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

Recording under the Little Boots moniker, electro-pop artist Victoria Hesketh exploded onto the club scene in 2008 with infectious single “Stuck on Repeat.” She’s continued to churn out synth-fueled dance music ever since, including last year’s excellent sophomore full-length “Nocturnes.”

Little Boots CDTo tide her fans overuntil the next album, Little Boots serves up the four-track EP “Business Pleasure.” Lead single “Taste It” is a winner, and one of my favorite Little Boots tracks to date, but the rest of the short-player feels like material left on the cutting-room floor during the “Nocturnes” sessions.

“Heroine” kind of meanders all over the place without ever getting to the point and closer “Pretty Tough” is not especially memorable. The title track has its moments and merits a few spins, but Little Boots have done better. And I have no doubt Hesketh will again. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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