Eddie Cohn makes a name for himself on ‘Guarantee Me Love’

Eddie Cohn‘Guarantee Me Love’
Eddie Cohn (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

For every overnight success story there are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of talented artists toiling in relative obscurity in hopes of catching their big break. Singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn hasn’t broken through into the mainstream yet, but perhaps the rock-solid “Guarantee Me Love” will be the album that does the trick for him.

Eddie Cohn CDCohn tackles the universal them of love on the nine-track release and pours plenty of raw emotion into each and every one of the tracks. “I know firsthand how it’s not so simple anymore,” Cohn says of love. “Being with someone and being in love is work. At the same time, it’s work that all of us really want to do. We all want to find true love. Our hearts are craving it. So I wanted to make a record that, while very personal, is also something everyone can connect with.”

It took a little while for me to warm to “Guarantee Me Love.” Opener “Mercy’s Gone” doesn’t really resonate, but Cohn soon hits his stride with keepers “How Do You Feel,” “Wasted Time,” “Give Up on Love” and personal favorite “Help Me Feel Something.” This one’s worthy of some attention. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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