Walk the Moon avoid sophomore slump with ‘Talking Is Hard’ LP

Walk The Moon‘Talking Is Hard’
Walk the Moon (RCA)
3.5 stars out of 5

I, like many of my fellow critics, was enamored with the self-titled debut album from Cincinnati-based foursome Walk the Moon. There was a nice retro dance-pop vibe to the 2012 release and the record spawned breakout single “Anna Sun” and a handful of other first-rate tunes.

Walk The Moon CDIt’s taken a little while, but the guys are back with sophomore slab “Talking Is Hard.” The 12-track platter mines much of the same indie pop turf as its predecessor but is a tad less effective. That’s not to say Walk the Moon have endured the dreaded sophomore slump, far from it, but these tunes don’t feel quite as fresh as those on their debut. Maybe part of it because the similarly-themed Neon Trees beat Walk the Moon to the punch with “Pop Psychology” back in April.

There are some notable exceptions, of course. Lead single “Shut Up and Dance” is fantastic, and every bit as good as the aforementioned “Anna Sun,” and Walk the Moon also score with “Different Colors,” “Avalanche,” “Work This Body” and “Come Under the Covers.” See you on the dance floor. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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