Reissue of Game Theory’s 1984 gem ‘Dead Center’ is a winner

Game Theory‘Dead Center’
Game Theory (Omnivore)
4 stars out of 5

As I noted when their 1982 “Blaze of Glory” debut album was reissued back in September, I was too busy listening to Prince, Motley Crue, R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson during my teen years to pay attention to California-based power-pop outfit Game Theory. It’s a shame because the Scott Miller-fronted band was way ahead of its time.

Game Theory CDOmnivore continues its quest to bring Game Theory to a new generation of listeners with this deluxe reissue of 1984 sophomore album “Dead Center.” Originally a French release comprised of songs from EPs “Pointed Accounts of People You Know” and “Distortion,” the reissue expands and reimagines “Dead Center.”

In addition to the original record, there are a dozen bonus cuts on the 21-track, 79-minute release that should appeal to longtime Game Theory fans and make some converts along the way. There are original tunes like “Penny, Things Won’t,” the title track, “Shark Pretty” and “Too Late for Tears,” plus stellar covers of The Box Tops (“The Letter”), R.E.M. (“Radio Free Europe”), Them (“Gloria”), Badfinger (“No Matter What”) and Roxy Music (“Mother of Pearl”) and a handful of live recordings. This one’s a winner, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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