The Jack Kerowax serve up killer Americana on stellar debut album

Jack Kerowax‘Kerowax’
The Jack Kerowax (St. Cait)
4 stars out of 5

One of my under-the-radar favorite releases of 2014 is the “A Pig Eating Past Love” EP by Texas-based singer/songwriter Johnny Beauford. Well, it just so happens that Beauford also fronts Americana outfit The Jack Kerowax, whose “Kerowax” debut is another winner.

Jack Kerowax CD“Our influences range from classic country to Lou Reed,” Beauford explains. “Lyrically, this record is full of super condensed stories. Most of the stuff I write has some pretty dark undertones, and the music is meant to, in response, have some equally dark overtones. However, there are good times — and despite popular opinion, it is possible to be inspired by joy as easily as depression or anger.”

Joining Beauford in The Jack Kerowax are Chase McMillan (bass), Garrett Padgett (guitars/piano) and Nathan Adamson (drums). While prepping this dynamite debut, the quartet — McMillan has since been replaced by Nash Griggs — honed their skills by playing more than 50 shows over an 18-month period. That chemistry is evident throughout the 10-track, 40-minute release.

The opening tandem of “Fever” and “Moonshine Barber” set the tone, and The Jack Kerowax later score with “Violet,” “Bliss,” lead single “Ten Year War,” “Fancy Cigarette” and “Huck Finn’s Hideout.” The future looks bright for Beauford & Co. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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