September Girls snarl their way through solid new EP ‘Veneer’

September Girls‘Veneer’
September Girls (Kanine)
3.5 stars out of 5

Earlier this year, Irish noise pop quintet September Girls generated some (deserved) buzz with the release of their “Cursing the Sea” full-length debut. The band managed to combine elements of 1960s girl groups, 1970s punk and 1980s pop into an enjoyably rough-around-the-edges sonic stew. The album helped land the Girls gigs at host of festivals throughout 2014, including a well-received stint at The South By Southwest extravaganza.

September Girls CDCaohimhe Derwin, Jessie Ward, Lauren Kerchner, Paula Cullen and Sarah Grimes aren’t letting any grass grow under their feet and look to keep the momentum going with the release of solid EP “Veneer.” This four-track slab represents noticeable growth for September Girls, as the songs are more mature and polished than those on “Cursing the Sea.”

The little track launches the too-short 14-minute EP, and the Girls also impress on “Black Oil” and “Butterflies.” Middling remaining track “Melatonin” is the weak link here, but there’s enough to like about “Veneer” to have me looking forward to whatever these talented ladies come up with next. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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