Buffalo Killers score with their blistering new EP ‘Fireball of Sulk’

Buffalo Killers‘Fireball of Sulk’
Buffalo Killers (Crushtone)
4 stars out of 5

Cincinnati-based hard rockers Buffalo Killers have been doing their thing for almost a decade, but the guys didn’t pop up on my radar until earlier this year with the release of blistering fifth full-length “Heavy Reverie.” I’ve been a fan ever since and you can imagine how happy I was when the Killers returned quickly with “Fireball of Sulk.”

Buffalo Killers CDThis six-track, 23-minute EP is more than a mere stopgap, as the band — led by songwriting brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard — build on the rock-solid foundation of “Heavy Reverie.” Give the slab a few spins and you’ll see why Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes calls Buffalo Killers “One of the best f***ing rock ‘n’ roll bands in the world.”

The opening salvo of “Blankets on the Sun” and “Weird One” gets “Fireball of Sulk” off to a strong start and Buffalo Killers also impress on “Marshmallow Mouth,” “Don’t Cry to Me” and “Something Else.” Remaining tune “In a Number” is the weak link here, but still a song worth exploring. If you like your music heavy and loud, give these guys a try. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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