The Grownup Noise are quite impressive on newest offering ‘The Problem With Living in the Moment’

The Grownup Noise‘The Problem With Living in the Moment’
The Grownup Noise (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Boston-based pop/rock collective The Grownup Noise have been doing their thing for the better part of a decade but the Paul Hansen-fronted outfit never popped onto my radar until third full-length “The Problem With Living in the Moment” came across my desk a few weeks back. I’m happy to report that this terrific band figures to stay on my radar for as long as they want to make records.

The Grownup Noise CDOriginally a duo comprised of Hansen (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Adam Sankowski (bass), The Grownup Noise has expanded into a full-fledged ensemble with strong contributions from Aine Fujika, Rachel Barringer and Todd Marsten.

Hansen is a gifted songwriter who shines bright on keepers “My Ride’s Almost Here,” “New Outsiders,” “Astronomy as Therapy,” “The Fight Against Paranoia,” “A Hill to Die On” and “Try This Again.” Multiple spins of this 11-track release has me clamoring to check out The Grownup Noise’s 2007 self-titled debut and 2011’s “This Time With Feeling.” I’m guessing you’ll have the same reaction. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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