Johnny Mathis’ rare gems resurface on ‘The Complete Global Albums Collection’

Johnny Mathis‘The Complete Global Albums Collection’
Johnny Mathis (Legacy)
4.5 stars out of 5

Legendary vocalist Johnny Mathis has spent the bulk of his 60-year career making albums for Columbia Records, with one notable exception. Between 1963-67, Mathis founded Global Records for a stint at Mercury. The 10 records he made during that stint, most of them very rare and out of print, have been brought together for the 13-CD set “The Complete Global Albums Collection.”

Johnny Mathis CD“All of a sudden I was in charge of my own decisions in the studio, and I didn’t have someone to guide me on what I was doing, right or wrong,” the 79-year old Mathis says of the Global years. “I wasn’t a producer, and I didn’t realize until then how important producers were and how much they assisted me in my work. I tried to do what I could, but I had no idea what would be good for the market.”

In additional to remastered versions of “The Sounds of Christmas” (1963), “Tender Is the Night” (1964), “The Wonderful World of Make-Believe” (1964), “This Is Love” (1964), “Ole” (1965), “Love Is Everything” (1965), “The Sweetheart Tree” (1965), “The Shadow of Your Smile” (1966), “So Nice” (1966) and “Johnny Mathis Sings” (1967), there’s a lost album of Broadway covers (“Broadway”) and the two-disc “The Global Singles and Unreleased” collection of non-album singles and unreleased songs.

Among the many highlights here are “On a Wonderful Day Like Today,” “Symphony,” “Granada,” “Danny Boy,” “In Love for the Very First Time,” “Laura,” “Camelot” and “Riding High.” Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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