Sam Llanas finds groove as solo artist on ‘The Whole Night Thru’

Sam Llanas‘The Whole Night Thru’
Sam Llanas (Llanas Music/Oarfin)
3.5 stars out of 5

After fronting veteran rock outfit The BoDeans for more than a quarter century, Sam Llanas struck out on his own with 2011 solo debut “4 A.M.” The 53-year-old Llanas makes a rock-solid return with latest offering “The Whole Night Thru,” an intriguing album that mixes his signature roots-rock sound with Llanas’ other musical influences.

Sam Llanas CD“I view ‘The Whole Night Thru’ as my first ‘official’ solo record,” Llanas explains. “Though I previously released two solo studio records, I had always been very careful to not compete with The BoDeans sound. But now that I’m no longer in that band, the gloves are off and this is a record that has many elements that fansof my former band love. If fans are looking for that BoDeans sound, it comes from my voice and it’s all over this record.”

The freedom Llanas gets as a solo artist serves him well on the nine-track “The Whole Night Thru.” He’s cobbled together an eclectic platter highlighted by “Cold n’ Clean,” “Everywhere But Here,” personal favorite “Somethin’ Comin’,” “Addicted to the Cure” and “To Where You Go.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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