Stephen Hunley impresses on ‘The Other Side of Never’ debut

Stephen Hunley‘The Other Side of Never’
Stephen Hunley (Etavine)
3.5 stars out of 5

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Stephen Hunley makes quite a first impression on rock-solid debut platter “The Other Side of Never.” The Tennessee native mixes elements of pop, rock, blues, jazz and soul on the dynamic 12-track release to create a tasty sonic stew.

Stephen Hunley CD“What fuels me as a songwriter and artist is the power to connect with every song,” Hunley explains. “An individual’s interpretation and connection to a lyric or melody is important to me. It’s a beautiful thing that I can write a song about a subject from my perspective, and the listener can relate to it in a completely different way.”

“The Other Side of Never” gets off to a terrific start with keepers “Oklahoma” and the title track, and Hunley later impresses with “Come Back Home,” “Something’s Wrong,” “I’m Not Who You Think I am,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Pictures in Her Mind.” If this album is any indication, the future is quite bright for this talented young artist. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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