Saint Saviour get personal on sophomore set ‘In the Seams’

Saint Saviour‘In the Seams’
Saint Saviour (Surface Area)
3.5 stars out of 5

If you were expecting more of the same from Saint Saviour (aka Becky Jones) on sophomore full-length “In the Seams,” well, you’d better think again. Her 2012 “Union” debut was an overtly pop-oriented record but, despite critical praise, it never really sat well with Jones.

Saint Saviour CD“I over confused things with layers and layers of production,” Jones says. “I hid my songs under noise.” No such worries on Saint Saviour’s latest. These 12 folk-leaning are heartfelt and personal, with minimal bells and whistles in the studio.

“This album is all about me,” she says. “My memories and my childhood. It’s really honest and for that reason I wanted the songs to just be allowed to be natural. I didn’t want to trivialize that honesty.”

Saint Saviour’s lovely vocals also shine through here, with Jones especially effective on standouts “Let It Go,” “Sad Kid,” “I Remember,” “Nobody Died,” “Devotion” and “James.” Here’s hoping Jones has more albums like this in her future. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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