British rockers Fiction manage to impress on ‘In Real Life EP’

Fiction‘In Real Life EP’
Fiction (Vaguely Pagan/Tip Top Recordings)
3.5 stars out of 5

London art-rock outfit Fiction earned comparisons to bands as varied as Talking Heads, XTC, Battles, Vampire Weekend and even Duran Duran with the 2013 release of debut album “The Big Other.” It was a catchy, intelligent gathering of tunes — one song was dedicated to pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing — that had the lads on the cusp of stardom.

Fiction CDThe quintet has been a little slow to build on that momentum (a second full-length won’t drop until 2015) but Mike Barrett, Nick Barrett, James Howard, David Howard and Jacob Smedegaard have unveiled “In Real Life EP” to tide their fans over for a while.

It’s an enjoyable collection of five tunes that finds Fiction again exploring the post-punk soundscapes of the 1980s. The first-rate opening tandem of “Lonely Planet” and “News and Weather” set the tone for the EP, and Fiction also score with “Naming of Things” and sprawling closer “Morning Song.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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